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Lions International District 27-A2Who Are the Lions Page

Who are the Lions

Lions clubs have been bringing people together for the benefit of their community since 1917. You have an opportunity to join nearly 1.4 million members, in over 46,000 Lions clubs in 201 countries who care about their community and find personal satisfaction by helping others.

Our members are a group of proactive-minded individuals who care about the community where they live and work. As a Lion, you will be able to help determine the type of services that the club will provide, meet other like-minded leaders in your community, grow personally and professionally by participating in our programs, community service projects and events. Most of our members like to work more hands on/up front. Others prefer to offer their time more behind the scenes due to work, family commitments, or personal preference. Both roles are essential in exemplifying our motto “We Serve”.