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Lions International District 27-A2Lions International District 27A2 Website Template Page

Selling Lionism in the 21st Century

There's no question that, in the modern landscape, a big part of our marketing strategy must be digital. People are almost always online -- and you want to be able to reach them and observe their behavior where they spend the most time. As Lions preparing for the next 100 years, a digital marketing plan embrassing current technology is essential.

Digital marketing strategy is the series of actions that are going to help us achieve our goal(s) using online marketing. The term ‘strategy’ might seem intimidating, but building an effective digital strategy doesn’t need to be difficult. In simple terms, a strategy is just a plan of action to achieve a desired goal.

Tomorrow's Lions have grown up with the Internet. While Facebook is a tool for social communication, a website fills the need for information communication. Other apps such as Instagram and Youtube attracts visitors looking for visual communication. Each plays a role in directing visitors to your Club's information source, your website.

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