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Lions International District 27-A2Lions International District 27A2 Technology Page

Technology Resources

As Lions celebrate our 100th year, technololgy will play an important role in the next 100 years.

District Technology Resources cover a wide range of knowledge levels from neophyte to advanced users. This page changes frequently as new requests for additions to our knowledge base are received. The end goal being better communication to a wider audience.

Documents are encoded in Adobe's Acrobat Portable Document Format for security purposes. If you do not have the Free Reader or your app is not up-to-date, you may download the Reader Download Free Reader

Free Programs


A free app used for email to groups like your Club members or newsletters. Super easy to set-up and even easier to use.


A free photo app designed for mobile phones. Take a picture, post to Instagram and share on Facebook ... all in a matter of a few seconds seamlessly.


A free image editing app. Simple, easy-to-understand menus make this open source program a must have. For Windows, Mac and Linux.

The Open Source community offers many utility programs for free that replace expensive software. One of the most popular is Apache Open Office, an alternative to Microsoft Office AND it also makes PDFs from your files for exporting.

A free Internet based password repository that you only need one password to access. As a bonus, because it is separate, browser hijacking cannot poach your passwords.


Websites Explained

Why your Club needs a web site and how to make it work.

Taking Better Photos

Tips for taking better service photos.

Internet to English Dictionary

For those people that need a little help with Internet jargon, this explains what the funny words mean in simple terms.

What's My Browser

For those people that need a little help with Internet jargon, this explains what a browser is and what browser you are using.

Get on Google NOW

How to get Gmail and Google Calendar. It is quick and easy.

Get on Facebook NOW

How to make a Facebook page for your Club. It is quick and easy.

Promote your Event on Facebook

How to make a Facebook event for your Club. It is easier than you think.



for blind and low vision users.


Making navigating 1.5 million lines of code easier.

e-Clubhouse Application

Getting Started.

Forgot Your e-Clubhouse Login?

Recover your Login Information or, if you have lost everything, email Lion Dan Uitti.